You betcha: Fargo awaits TV version of hit movie

FILE - In this 1996 file publicity photo originally released by Gramercy Pictures, actress Frances McDormand, left, is shown in this scene from the movie "Fargo." When the movie debuted in 1996, many residents in the North Dakota city were not fans of the film’s dark humor, not to mention the heavy accents. But the fame and cash from the movie eventually brought many Fargo residents around. Now, 16 years later, Fargo awaits the debut of a new cable television show by the same name. And many residents are less apprehensive about how their hometown will be portrayed this time around. (AP Photo/Gramercy Pictures, File) NO SALESAsk folks in Fargo what they first thought about the 1996 movie that made their city famous, and some will tell you they were not fans.