GoldenPhoenix aka Nightingales is Selling Sick Animals in Metro Manila!

Please be careful when purchsing puppies online or anywhere as there is an outbreak of Parvo accoring to our veternarian. I purchased a puppy online from seller: and the dog had Parvo virus and is very sick, he has been in the hospital for some time and he may die. If you are going to purchase a puppy online or from any individual please make them meet you at a Veteranary clinic and have the puppy tested for Parvo, the test is inexpensive and only takes a few minutes, and could save you thousands in hopital bills for your little puppy.

I posted feedback on the seller the day we got our beautiful puppy, and now our little puppy is in the Clinic fighting for his life. He has been diagnosed with parvo and a second disease and is costing a lot in medical care costs. The Vet said the shot records given by this seller looked like they were faked except for the deworming portion and there was no license number under the vets signature. If you didn’t get the shots, then why tell us you did, it is only P350 for them, and I would rather pay that and keep this precious little puppy alive then deal with a puppy that may now die. If he ends up dying, I hope the seller at least has the decency to reimburse us for the amount of the puppy at the least. I doubt this will be the case though as he responded to a few of my texts inquiring about what clinic the dog had his vaccinations in (which he never told me the clinic name) and theynquit responding at all. I am sad that someone would do something like this to anyone. This person lives near the Makati/Mandaluyong border as he would not meet us any further than Boni or Robinson’s Pioneer. Please be on the lookout as he may try to change his profile and still sell these dogs. The vet is writing a report on this seller/breeder and we will likely pursue this under our options with the Philippine law.

GoldenPhoenix aka Nightengales (Ronald Angeles) as well as other sellers may not be aware that the dogs they are selling have this disease, but many of the sellers on here are listing multiple breeds of dogs for sale, and it is likely they will all have Parvo as it is a very infectious disease. Please also be advised that the above mentioned seller is also on other classifieds sites using the Alias Chards at this time.

This is what he looked like when we saw him (except he was wearing grey contacts, feeling maganda siya!):

Ronald Angeles (aka GoldenPhoenix, Chards, and Nightengales)
This person is selling Sick Animals on Philippines Classifieds Sites!

One more note, the person who sold me this puppy lives along the Mandaluyong/Makati border and it is likely he knew the puppies had an illness as he has refused to contact me further and has deleted my comments on the post for his puppies, so beware please, he is likely to change his profile and continue to try to sell them. At the time of this announcement the seller has posted the following breeds for sale:
Silver Beige Poodle Puppy
Golden Retriever Male Puppy
!Imported Female Yorkshire terrier Taiwan
Quality Pure Breed Male Japanese Spitz (I bought one of these, and he is very sick right now)
Quality Pure Breed Female Japanese Spitz
5k Labrador Puppies
He is listing most of the dogs very cheap and they do not have breed papers, or at least the one we purchased did not.

It is very simple to get your puppy tested and takes no time at all, so be safe, and before buying a new puppy, make sure to have him tested.

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