Ex-Warrant Singer Jani Lane Died Without a Will

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Former Warrant singer Jani Lane died without divvying up his financial empire — which could be a big problem …. considering he was worth about $600,000 at the time of his death.

According to court docs filed in connection with Jani’s estate, the singer left behind no will when he died of alcohol poisoning in August — and now, his oldest daughter has asked the court to approve an estate administrator to start figuring things out.

According to the docs, the 47-year-old’s estate is valued at $600,000 — though it’s unclear exactly what it’s made up of.

As for who’s in contention for the goods — Jani is survived by his wife and his two daughters … but the mom of his second daughter could also make out with a share.

Ex-Warrant Singer Jani Lane Died Without a Will