Jay-Z & Beyonce — Scoping Ricky Martin’s $12 Mil Mansion

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Ricky Martins 12 million dollar homeJay-Z and Beyonce went mansion-hunting last week in Miami Beach — and one of the SUPER-EXPENSIVE homes they checked out belongs to one Señor Ricardo Martin … TMZ has learned.

We confirmed with the realtor that J&B took a walk-through the 9,491 square-foot ocean-front pad  last
week — but it’s unclear if the couple is interested in making an offer.

According to official records, Ricky’s trying to score a hefty profit on
the estate — because he bought it in 2005 for $10,000,000 .. and now he’s listed the house at $12.5 mil.

The place is pretty sick — boasting 7 beds, 10 baths, a swimming pool … and it’s located in one of the ritziest parts of Miami Beach, close to Miami Heat superstars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

As for Ricky, neighbors tell us he was a great neighbor — and they’re sad to see him leave. 

Jay-Z & Beyonce — Scoping Ricky Martin’s $12 Mil Mansion