Tobey Maguire Folds in High-Stakes Poker Lawsuit

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Tobey Maguire
is buying his way out of that high-stakes poker lawsuit — agreeing to fork over $80,000 … this according to new court docs.

As we previously reported, Tobey was one of 22 people sued this summer for taking Ponzi schemer Bradley Ruderman to the cleaners … in multiple underground poker games back in 2007 and 2008.

Ruderman was arrested soon after for bilking boatloads of money from his clients.  In a grand showing of chutzpah … Ruderman filed for bankruptcy and the bankruptcy trustees turned around and sued Maguire, Nick Cassavetes and others, trying to recoup Ruderman’s gambling losses in an effort to pay his Ponzi victims back.

It sounded like a bogus bunch of lawsuits, but Tobey folded by paying $80 grand.  Still not bad, considering the actor burned Ruderman for more than $300,000 at the tables.