Not Matthew McConaughey to Not Mike Rowe — Stop Complaining!

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 Matthew McConaughy driver license
A guy named Matthew McConaughy (but not THE Matthew McConaughey) thinks the guy named Mike Rowe (not THE Mike Rowe) has it all wrong when it comes to having the same name as a famous person … saying sometimes it can be all right, all right, all right!

As TMZ first reported, a South Dakota inmate named Mike Rowe is suing the “Dirty Jobs” host … claiming he (the inmate) has a trademark on the name and he’s been subject to ridicule while behind bars.

The story ENRAGED Matthew McConaughy — who happens to be a mechanic at a car dealership in West Covina, CA …. because Matty tells us his name has been great for his social life!

Not McConaughey says he scored a phone number once from a waitress who saw his name on a credit card … and his friends constantly get girls to come talk to them using the line “Want to meet Matthew McConaughey?”

Not McConaughey — who is single, does not play the bongos naked, but does run around shirtless every now and again — says Not Mike Rowe needs to stop complaining and should try to use his name to his advantage.

You just gotta keep on livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.”

Not Matthew McConaughey to Not Mike Rowe — Stop Complaining!