Lindsay Lohan Could Get More than a Year Behind Bars

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Lindsay Lohan jail
Lindsay Lohan could be sentenced to nearly a year-and-a-half in jail if Judge Stephanie Sautner decides she violated her probation … TMZ has learned.

We’re told the computations are complicated, because Lindsay has had so many cases.  But based on the 120 day suspended sentence for shoplifting, time served under house arrest, and her prior DUIs, Lindsay could be thrown in jail for a long, long time.

We’ve learned Lindsay MUST be in court Wednesday to face the judge … and the judge has lots of questions, including why Lindsay was a no-show 9 times at the Downtown Women’s Center, where she was performing her community service.  And the judge will almost certainly want to know why Lindsay didn’t comply with the order to spend a minimum of 4 hours at a time when she showed up at the Women’s Center.

TMZ broke the story, Lindsay was booted from the Women’s Center because of all the problems and reassigned to the American Red Cross.

And one more thing.  The judge will almost certainly ask Lindsay why she didn’t meet with her shrink every Monday for 1 hour, as required by court order.  Lindsay claims she did a bunch of therapy sessions by phone.

We will be livestreaming Wednesday’s hearing, which starts at 10:00 AM PT, so stay tuned.



Tupac Estate — A Million Bucks for Sex Tape Song Sounds GREAT!

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Good news on the Tupac Shakur sex tape front … Pac’s estate has finally begun talks with a potential buyer … but it ain’t for the XXX part … it’s all about the music.

As TMZ first reported, an anti-hangover drink company called NOHO has offered to pay $1,000,000 for the rights to the unreleased song 2Pac was rapping along with … while he was being “tended to” by a very friendly female in the 1991 footage.

Sources connected to the negotiations tell us … the offer was big enough to catch the estate’s attention, because a rep for Pac’s people reached out to NOHO and the two sides are trying to work out a deal.

There’s only one problem … the estate doesn’t have possession of the sex tape and aren’t even sure which song is playing on it. 

Oh yeah … NOHO hasn’t heard the song either — but the CEO is banking on the fact that it’s a Tupac song … which means is has to be awesome.

We’re told if the estate can’t get a hold of the tape, they have other unreleased Tupac songs they’re willing to part with … if the price is right.



Ex-Disney Singer’s DUI Punishment — Chillin’ with Dead Bodies

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Shelby CobraShelby Cobra — who used to sing for that Disney girl band KSM — just got sentenced in her DUI case … and the judge took no mercy … ordering her to look death right in the face at a hospital morgue.

TMZ broke the story … 18-year-old Cobra — real name Shelby Spalione — was arrested last month on suspicion of DUI … registering a blood alcohol level of .15, nearly twice the legal limit.

Shelby was sentenced on Thursday to enroll in the L.A. County Hospital and Morgue program — which requires participants to visit a real-life morgue with real-life dead people … and potentially even witness an autopsy.

According to court records, Shelby is also required to complete a 3-month alcohol education program and attend 16 AA meetings. She’s also required to pay $1,738 in fees.

Remember kids, don’t drink and drive.