Muhammad Ali Sues — My Old Kentucky Home … SUCKS!

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Muhammad Ali is ready for another big fight … because he’s suing a married couple that sold him a home that even Ty Pennington couldn’t fix.

Ali and his wife, Yolanda, claim they bought the Louisville mansion back in 2006, and almost immediately discovered an array of ghastly problems, including a leaky roof, leaky chimney, mold, and structurally defective decking.

Ali and Yolanda say the unkindest cut of all is that the sellers knew the problems existed and then set out to deceive the greatest fighter of all time.

Ali and Yolanda are suing for unspecified damages.



Johnny Damon — Papelbon DESERVES to Party His Face Off

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Former Boston Red Sox stud Johnny Damon says his former teammate Jonathan Papelbon earned himself the right to party in New Orleans last weekend … despite the fact the Sox had just skidded their way out of the playoffs.

Damon — who played for Tampa Bay last season — was leaving Boa in Hollywood last night … when we asked about the photos of the Red Sox closer firing off beads on Bourbon street.

Damon replied, “[losing is] never easy and Jonathan Papelbon has had a great career so far … so he can do whatever he wants.”

He added, “I’m glad he’s enjoying himself, I wish he was on my team.”