Michael Jackson Tribute Concert — Jennifer Hudson Left Us in the Lurch

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Jennifer Hudson‘s no-show at the Michael Jackson tribute concert yesterday caught the show’s producers completely off-guard … especially since she was already paid to do the gig … this according to sources close to the show.

JHud tweeted Saturday afternoon she wouldn’t be doing the show — citing “major production issues.”

According to our sources, Hudson is claiming she felt the show’s producers didn’t give her enough time with the music she was supposed to be singing. According to our sources, Jennifer received her music the same time as all the performers.

Our sources say JHud signed her contract and was paid in full.

A rep for Hudson confirms the reason she cancelled, but says producers “completely understood.” Our sources say that’s not the case at all.



Steve Jobs — Local Zen Center Holds Memorial in His iHonor

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Apple stores across the country were not the only places people went to mourn the passing of the great Steve Jobs — a Zen Center in San Francisco held a memorial service to honor the genius,

Jobs was a Buddhist and even had his 1991 wedding presided over by a Buddhist monk named Kobun Chino Otogawa. His passing was felt in the Buddhist community in Northern California, so the San Francisco Zen Center decided to hold a brief memorial on Friday night.

A rep for the center says the memorial service included chanting a traditional Zen chant for those who have died — and it also included an English section with a dedication specifically to Jobs. It read:

For our great, abiding friend Steve Jobs
And for all
those who have passed beyond this life

Into the heart of Buddha.



NFL Star Jason Babin — ALL My Stuff Was Stolen … Including My Shotguns!

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Jason Babin of the Philadelphia Eagles is living in an empty home — because all of his family’s belongings were jacked from storage … including eight hunting shotguns worth around $12,000.

Babin tells TMZ he hired Houston Movers R’ Us to move his family from Texas to Philadelphia back in August — and asked them to put everything in storage until he found a home (this is his first season in Philly).

According to Babin, when he called the company a few weeks ago to send his stuff they gave him the run around … before finally admitting his possessions were lost in a robbery.

Babin says NFL Security followed up with Houston PD … and confirmed a police report was filed which included the serial numbers for his missing guns.

Babin claims the moving company is now refusing his calls and giving him fake phone numbers. TMZ made several calls to Houston Movers R’ Us … but we haven’t heard back.

The movers’ contract includes a limited liability agreement — though it’s unclear if it covers Babin’s losses. He says he’s flying back to Texas in a couple of weeks to sort it all out.