Homeless ‘Harry Potter’ Dog — Too Famous to Adopt

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1006_shepherd_gsdr_exBerry — the dog that played Padfoot in “Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban” — will remain an orphan for the next few weeks — because the people who run the rescue shelter where he lives have decided he’s too famous to adopt.
10-year-old Berry’s original owner (a stuntman) put the dog up for adoption because he was too busy to take care of it –  but a rep for the German Shepherd Dog Rescue in the UK tells TMZ, the charity won’t let anyone adopt Berry until the publicity surrounding the HP movies has died down.

1006_PADFOOT_hp_SUBAccording to the rep, the rescue is worried someone will adopt Berry just for his star power –  not for his companionship.

In the meantime, the rep says, “We are busy home checking lots of new people … and then will decide if one of them is good enough.”