Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial — Crucial Witness to Spill It in Court [Livestream]

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In the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial today, two of Conrad Murray‘s girlfriends are expected to testify … and one of them is crucial.

Dr. Murray lived with Nicole Alvarez in her Santa Monica apartment the entire time he treated MJ — in fact, the Propofol that Murray used on Jackson was delivered to Nicole’s apartment. 

As TMZ has reported, LAPD cops believe Nicole Alvarez knows a lot more than she said about what happened between Murray and Jackson — but is withholding information to protect her baby daddy.

The other witness is a Houston girlfriend who was on the phone with Murray when the doc realized Jackson was in deep distress.

Although this testimony is dramatic, it’s much less important than Alvarez.

It’s all set to begin 8:45 AM PST — we’ll be livestreaming from inside the courtroom.