Mel Gibson — Returns to the Scene of the Crime

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Mel Gibson made a bold move last night — returning to the restaurant that triggered an anti-Semiticly fueled DUI arrest that changed his life … but this time he made all the right moves.

Gibson and a blonde lady friend hung out together at Moonshadows in Malibu … the last place Mel drank on July 28, 2006 before he got into his car and hit PCH … got a DUI … and said all sorts of horrible things to the arresting officer.

This time around was MUCH different … witnesses say Mel was only having dinner with a mystery blonde lady — not boozing — and he had a DRIVER take him home.



Chaz Bono — Now That ‘Dancing’ Is Done … I’m Ready to Work!

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Chaz Bono could be the voice trying to sell you soap — it’s all part of his grand plan after getting booted from “Dancing with the Stars.”

Bono’s rep/manager, Howard Bragman, tells TMZ … Chaz took no meetings during “DWTS” — but his team will get together this week to plot out a strategy for the next chapter.

Bragman says they’re looking at several options — including acting, voice-over work, and endorsements — and Chaz also plans to continue booking speaking engagements.

As for whether he’d be into continuing his dancing career, Bragman says Chaz is “open to all reasonable discussions.”

So we might not have seen his last Tango after all …




Terrell Owens — I Can’t Afford My Child Support Payments

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Terrell Owens Fedora
Times are tough for Terrell Owens — so much so the currently former NFL star is asking a judge to lower his child support payments … TMZ has learned.

Owens, who is currently not an NFL roster, wants to reduce the payments he’s making for a son he shares with baby mama Monique Reynolds … because, according to his rep, he’s simply not getting paid these days.

The rep says Owens wants to make the payments a little more reasonable, adding, “His child support payments should mirror his income today and not be based on his income from over four years ago.”

Owens was due in court in Northern California for child support modification hearing on October 24, but didn’t show up. His rep says his lawyers tried to reschedule, but lawyers for Reynolds refused.

T.O.’s audition for prospective NFL teams — the one nobody showed up to — was the next day.




Simon Cowell — Security Concerns Over ‘X Factor’ Girls

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Simon Cowell is like an overprotective father when it comes to three girls he’s mentoring on “X Factor” — sources close to the show tell us … he’s deeply concerned for their safety and is taking precautionary measures.

According to our sources, Simon has grown concerned about the safety of the three girls — Drew Ryniewicz, Melanie Amaro, and Rachel Crow — after a recent trip to the mall turned into a mob scene.

Our sources says the incident prompted Simon to instruct his personal bodyguards … they are not to let the girls leave the studio without some form of security. We’re told Simon wants the girls to be able to feel safe while doing the kinds of things normal girls do.

If one of them ends up winning it all, they can probably kiss normal goodbye.



‘Ghost Adventures’ Star — Violent Human-Skull Ghost is Haunting My House

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 Zak Bagans
Never bring your work home with you — especially if your job involves ghost-hunting and human skulls — because you could end up with one pissed-off spirit haunting your house … and pushing your friends down stairs.

Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans tells TMZ, the supernatural encounters began after he found a human skull during an investigation last month at an old mining town hotel — and genius actually decided to bring the remains home with him.

Zak — who built a display for the skull in the basement of his Las Vegas home — tells us, he noticed a huge surge in paranormal activity almost instantly … an angry, demonic-type presence that had never been in his house before.

On one night, Zak tells us, he was woken up by a slight pressure on his ankles — what felt like hands grabbing him — and all of a sudden, the force yanked him several inches down in his bed.

Days later, Zak says he had a girl over at his house — and out of nowhere, she spilled head over heels down his stairs … insisting someone … or something … had pushed her.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — and Zak tells us, he’s so terrified … he hired a local bishop to perform an exorcism at his house in the next two weeks

Zak adds, “I love my job, but i want to feel safe in my house. I don’t feel safe.” Word to the wise — don’t jack human skulls and bring them into your house.