‘Nail Files’ — Smoking Gun In Limo Driver Lawsuit

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The limo driver who sued the people behind the TV Guide reality show “Nail Files” for violating his privacy has a big problem … in the form of a signed release form obtained by TMZ.

Fred Busby — a limo driver — claims he was taking the star of the show and her cameraman to LAX, when he went into a diabetic coma.  Busby says the show aired the footage and portrayed him as drunk … even though he insists he never signed a release form.

But we now have a release form that appears to show Fred’s signature not once, not twice but three times.

The form states, among other things, “I recognize that my signature on this release is a condition of Company permitting me to be a guest/participant in the Programming or both”

We spoke to Fred’s lawyer who tells TMZ, “My client does not recall signing any such documents”

The lawyer went on to imply that Fred may have been “incapacitated” when he was asked to sign the release, and therefore even if he did sign ” it would not be enforceable”