Judge to NBA Owner — Your Nanny DESERVED to be Fired!!

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Indiana Pacers
owner Herb Simon and his Miss Universe wife were totally right to fire two of the most UNGRATEFUL employees on the planet … so says an L.A. judge.

Simon just scored a huge victory over his former nanny and his former driver — who both accused the NBA owner and his wife Bui of treating them like crap and cheating them out of a TON of cash. 

Today, the court tentatively found that the Simons were not only in the right — but the judge implied they are the most GENEROUS bosses ever … who showered their former nanny with gifts like diamonds, iPods, Prada sandals, cash and even a MERCEDES … out of the goodness of their hearts.

The accusations against the Simons were ridiculous — with the nanny claiming the couple tried to embarrass her when they hosted a dinner at a fancy restaurant and failed to propose a toast to her pregnancy … and ultimately fired her for being knocked up. The judge didn’t buy her story one bit.

As for the driver — the judge noted that he constantly fell asleep in court … and was hardly believable as a witness.  The judge also noted how WELL he was treated by the Simons … who also got a bunch of gifts as well as a $7,500 bonus so he could buy a new car.

Bottom line — next time the Simons are hiring … APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!!!