Kate Major Files for Protection Order Against Michael Lohan (Again)

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Kate Major says Michael Lohan is at it again — sending both her and her father threatening messages — so she’s once again filed for an order of protection against him.

Major filed docs last week in Sarasota County, FL. — alleging, among other things, that Lohan has threatened to have her dad “whacked” and threatened to “ruin her career.”

According to a police report, included in the docs, cops went to Major’s home last week because she claims Lohan was repeatedly calling and texting her. The report says Lohan called while police were there — and an officer told him Major didn’t want him to contact her anymore.

If this sounds familiar, it should — this is the third time Major has sought an order of protection against Lohan.

This latest order was not immediately approved. A hearing is scheduled for September 13.

Calls to Michael Lohan have not been returned.