Marty McFly Shoes — First Pair Sells for $37,500

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The very first pair of the Nike Air Mag — the Marty McFly shoe from “Back to the Future II” was auctioned off in L.A. last night … and the winning bidder dropped $37,500!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The auction — co-hosted by Joel McHale — went down at the Montalban Theater … and after an INTENSE stand-off between two shoe-a-holics … the winner was eventually crowned.

Along with the shoes, the winner also received a “plutonium case” where he can store his “McFly’s”

Oh, and McHale also promised to throw in a puppy … we’ll find out if he REALLY meant it.

So far, the identity of the buyer remains a secret … we’re guessing it won’t be for long.

FYI — all of the proceeds from the auction benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.




Leo DiCaprio — Jewelry Clerk Panics … Please Don’t Rob Me!

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An Australian jeweler feared she was about to be robbed by a shady American … who goes by the name Leo DiCaprio.

A clerk named Linda — who works at The Family Jewels shop in Sydney — panicked when she saw two burly men walk into her store and then stood guard at the door.  Suddenly, a man whose face was concealed by a hoodie, cap and dark sunglasses entered the store.  Linda sensed she was about to get robbed, so she sent a customer next door to summon the owner of The Family Jewels.

Alas … by the time the owner arrived, Linda realized it was not a robber, but a “Titanic” star who was more than able to plunk down $1600 for a Nepalese antique necklace set with lapis lazuli and coral.

Problem was … Leo’s car was blocking traffic, so he said he’d come back to buy the piece. 

And Linda had a good story at the dinner table.