VIDEO: Catch the First Peek at The Hunger Games (omg!)

omg! –

It may have been brief, but at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, fans got their first glimpse at the anticipated film The Hunger Games.

“Listen to me, you’re stronger than they are,” Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) hearsGale (Liam Hemsworth) sayin voiceover as she runs through an open forest, dodging fireballs. “Show them how good you are.”


Matthew Fox Accuser — I Punched Him In Self-Defense

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The woman who punched Matthew Fox in the face this weekend tells TMZ … she HAD to let her fists fly because the actor struck first and she needed to defend herself.

TMZ spoke with Heather Bormann … who tells us she was driving a party bus for a private party Saturday night in Cleveland — when Fox boarded the vehicle.

Bormann claims she told Fox he wasn’t welcome on the bus — but he was too drunk to understand.

Bormann says, “He just kept staring at me with his mouth wide open and not saying
anything. I told him, ‘You have to leave buddy. You are trespassing on my

That’s when Fox “leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast.”

Bormann says, “I
took one hand to his jaw and he was spitting blood. He stumbled

“This was my self-defense,” Borman says … adding, “This was the only
way I could protect myself…..from a man beating up on a woman.”

Bormann says she’s meeting with prosecutors today — and may press charges.



Matthew Fox Detained — Accused of Assaulting Woman

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Matthew Fox
was detained by cops in Cleveland, Ohio Saturday night after allegedly assaulting a woman outside of a bar .. TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources at the scene tell us … the “Lost” star allegedly tried to enter a party bus — even though he wasn’t a guest on the vehicle.

We’re told a woman tried to block Fox from getting on the bus — at which point, he allegedly punched her in the breast and the vagina.

Fox was handcuffed by an off-duty officer — and was later detained by police.

Fox was released without being formally arrested.

An assault report was taken and the matter remains under investigation.

We have not been able to reach Fox for comment.



Jay-Z — I Refuse to Clap for Chris Brown

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It was the standout performance of the MTV VMAs — Chris Brown dancing his face off — but while everyone from Kanye to Bieber stood up and cheered … Jay-Z refused to even crack a smile.

Of course, Jay is the man who discovered Rihanna — and they’re still VERY tight. So, was his decision to NOT clap a message to Brown?  Or is Jay simply too cool for the room?



Hilary Duff Banked $100K … For NOT Appearing in Movie

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A preggo HIlary Duff scored a GIANT golden parachute after getting dumped from the new “Bonnie and Clyde” movie — a severance deal worth $100,000 … all for doing nothing.

Sources close to production tell TMZ, it’s all in Hilary’s play-or-pay contract — if for some reason, production decides to terminate the actress’ employment … they’ll cough up the six-figure sum to compensate her.

As we previously reported, Duff was dropped from the flick after she got knocked up.

We’re told the search is still on for a Bonnie replacement — Amanda Seyfried was approached to fill the role … but she turned it down.

Over the weekend, Duff was volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission’s 75th End Of Summer Block Party — when we asked about the situation.

Duff told TMZ, “I dont wanna give them any more press than they’ve already gotten off me … I think [my] baby is a little bit more exciting.”