Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith — Marriage Trouble

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are having significant problems in their marriage, but they have NOT made a decision to separate … at least not yet — this according to sources connected with the couple.

Reports have been swirling that the couple has separated.  We’re told it’s “definitely a possibility” but they haven’t pulled the trigger.  In fact, we’ve learned Will, Jada and their kids are going away together soon — as a family.  Our sources would neither confirm nor deny if the trip is a last ditch effort to save the relationship.

We also asked our sources about the somewhat curious statement from Will and Jada, that their marriage is “intact.”  Specifically, why didn’t they go the more traditional PR route and say they’re still in love and committed to each other?  Our sources privately said, the language was carefully constructed.

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BET Star’s Hubby — I Hope I Get My Gun Back!

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The guy married to Toya Carter — star of BET’s “Toya: A Family Affair” — has finally been released from custody after bringing a gun to an airport on Sunday … and he hopes to be reunited with his firearm as soon as possible. 

TMZ spoke with Mickey “Memphitz” Wright … who went in front of a judge in Clayton County, GA this afternoon … after TSA agents at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport discovered the Desert Eagle pistol in his carry-on bag Monday.

Wright tells us the judge was “very understanding” of his explanation — that he had placed the gun in a backpack weeks ago and simply forgot about it — and released him on bail.

Wright says he was “completely shocked” when TSA agents discovered the gun in his bag — but tells us, “I had my license and [the judge] did me right and let me out.”

He adds, “The TSA did their job … I just hate that it was me because I’m about positivity and motivation.”

When asked if he will ask the court to return the gun, Wright tells us, “Yes, i want my gun back” … but insists the next time he travels, he’ll leave the piece at home.



WNBA Star Attacked My Crotch … Claims Ex-BF

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L.A. Sparks
rookie Jantel Lavender — the #5 overall pick in the 2011 WNBA Draft — allegedly kneed her ex-BF in the junk so hard, his groin area was “throbbing from the pain” … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

According to court papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Lavender’s ex Adam Ashley obtained a temporary restraining order against the 6’4″ athlete two weeks ago … claiming he’s been “in hiding” ever since a July 5 altercation where Lavender allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to kill him.

In the docs, Ashley also says Lavender “grabbed my head and slammed it into the wall. She grabbed my neck and was choking me.”

Ashley claims it wasn’t the first time Lavender got violent with him — alleging she also tried to choke him during a fight in June.  During that altercation, Ashley claims, “While I was grabbing for her hands she kneed me in the growing [SIC] area. My private area was throbbing from the pain.”

Jantel has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Ashley until the next court hearing.

After the judge granted the restraining order against Jantel — she filed a request for a restraining order of her own against Adam … claiming he attempted to punch her during a recent screaming match at her home.

The two are set to meet in court on August 30.



The Salahis — Cracked Out after East Coast Earthquake

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Real Housewives of DC” stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi barely survived the East Coast earthquake that sent crippling shockwaves through their Virginia winery yesterday — and TMZ has footage of the post-quake DEVASTATION.

Tareq shot the footage himself moments after the disaster. We still don’t know how he made it out alive.




Ron Howard — Like Pulling Teat [PHOTO]

It’s been 43 years since he left Mayberry, but Ron Howard still has a little bit of Opie in him when it comes to milking cows.

Howard spent some time with his significant udder last weekend at a farm in Upstate New York — tugging on a cow’s undercarriage while hanging with his family — and TMZ has the milky pictures.

Ron and co. stopped by Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY on Saturday — proving the age old adage … you can milk just about anything with nipples.



Paul McCartney teams up with Decca label, at last

Decca has teamed up with Paul McCartney to release his upcoming ballet nearly 50 years after the record label famously rejected taking on the Beatles in what has been called one of the music industry’s biggest blunders. The ballet, "Ocean’s Kingdom," is the former Beatle’s first foray into the world of dance, and has its world premiere at the New York City Ballet on September 22. There will be four additional performances in September and five more in January.