Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Go Bananas In Mexico

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Brutal divorce? Bitter custody battle? Multiple trips to rehab? It was all water under the bridge this weekend as Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller yucked it up in Mexico.

As TMZ first reported, Charlie decided to whisk Brooke south of the border as a reward for how well he thinks she’s been doing with rehab … and to celebrate her birthday.

Is this a precursor to another walk down the aisle?

Stay tuned



Coroner Wants to Interview Taylor Armstrong

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The L.A. County Coroner’s office wants to interview Taylor Armstrong about Russell Armstrong‘s death … TMZ has learned after placing several calls to the Coroner.

We’re told the Coroner has a number of questions about things she knows about Russell, including:

— Russell’s medical history
— Medication history
— References he may have made about suicide
— State of mind in the weeks preceding his death

As TMZ first reported, Taylor was on the property where Russell committed suicide when his body was discovered, however she left before the Coroner arrived.  The Coroner’s office has contacted Taylor about an interview, but they have not heard back from her.

The Coroner has already determined … the cause of Russell’s death was suicide by hanging, but the toxicology report is still pending.



Lil Wayne SUED — ‘How to Love’ Beat Is STOLEN

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Lil Wayne rapped on stolen property — at least according to another MC, who insists he’s the rightful owner of the beat behind Weezy’s “How to Love” … and now, he’s out for some legal vengeance.

Rapper Rich Rick (right) filed the lawsuit earlier this week in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he purchased several master recordings between 2006 and 2009 — including the beat that now appears on “How to Love” — from a group of rap producers called Drummer Boyz.

Rick claims the Drummer Boyz double-crossed him in November 2010 –  pitching the SAME beat to Lil Wayne … and Weezy acquired it in exchange for a 35% royalty agreement, eventually using the beat on “How to Love.”

The song’s a hit — and needless to say, Rick’s royally pissed … insisting the Drummer Boyz screwed him over.

Rick’s suing Weezy, the Drummer Boyz, and others for everything from breach of contract to fraud — demanding everything DB are entitled to under their agreement with Wayne … plus 10% interest.

Attempts to reach the Drummer Boyz were unsuccessful. Calls to Weezy’s camp weren’t returned.




‘OC Housewife’ RIPS Tabloid — I’m NOT Going Broke!

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Alexis Bellino from “Real Housewives of Orange County” is out for justice — threatening a legal FIRESTORM … after a tabloid rag claimed she was going broke.

It’s all over an issue of In Touch Weekly that came out earlier this month — the cover of which shows a picture of Alexis, over the caption “Bankrupt!” … but it gets worse.

Inside the magazine, the article reads, “Bankrupt! Evicted! Foreclosed! Housewives Are Going Broke” — continuing, “After selling off her home at a fraction of its cost to avoid foreclosure, Alexis Bellino still refuses to admit she and her husband … have money troubles.”

But Alexis claims it’s all BS — and her lawyer fired off a nasty cease and desist letter on Thursday, demanding In Touch retract its “patent, malicious, and libelous comments.”

According to the letter, Alexis is “in great financial health” — and if In Touch doesn’t retract its comments … she’ll sue. So far, no word back from In Touch.



Esai Morales — Involved in a Rear-Ending on Sunset Blvd.

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Esai Morales got himself a new hit over at Nickelodeon Studios this week … where the “Caprica” star allegedly smashed his Hummer into the back of another car.

According to an eye witness, Morales was driving on Sunset Blvd. on Wednesday when he crashed into a Saturn that was stopped at the time.

We’re told no one was injured in the wreck and the Saturn only sustained minor damage. The witness tells us she recognized Morales and tried to tell the other driver he’d just been hit by a celeb … but Esai told her to pipe down because, “He’ll think I’m rich.”

We’re told no cops were called and both sides exchanged info and parted amicably.



Suge Knight — Three Years Probation for Driving on a Suspended License

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Suge Knight better be on his best behavior for the next three years — because the rap mogul just got sentenced to 36 months probation for driving on a suspended license.

As TMZ first reported, Suge’s badass black truck was impounded back in February — after cops cited Knight for driving on a bum license.

Suge pled no contest to the charge — and was given three years unsupervised probation.

It’s the second time the guy’s been nailed for driving on a suspended license — let’s hope he learns his lesson.