Kim Kardashian — Making Money … Even on Her Wedding Day

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Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything for free (get your mind out of the gutter) so it only figures her wedding day would be a HUGE pay day for Kim K.

People magazine won the bidding war for exclusive wedding day photos, says The Hollywood Reporter, to the tune of $1.5 MILLION.

The trade says Kim and hubby-to-be Kris Humphries also raked in $300,000 for the engagement announcement back in May and $100,000 from OK! mag for bridal shower pics.

We thought weddings were supposed to cost money?




Phil Jackson — I Feel Kobe Bryant’s Church Pain

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Former Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson has been keeping himself busy in his retirement … shopping, swimming and even following Kobe Bryant‘s church drama.

The zen master and his GF Jeannie Buss were leaving the Rochester BIg and Tall store in L.A. yesterday — ’cause he’s friggin’ 6’8″ — when we asked if anyone has ever tried to sneak a photo of him in a private moment.  

His answer probably won’t surprise you … but we’re guessing when it happens to Phil, dude probably handles the situation like a champion … an 11-time NBA champion.



‘Storage Wars’ — Old Mystery Trunk Contained $24,000 in De-Faced Bills

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0819-storage-wars-21-EXIt’s the creepiest jackpot ever — a recent bidder on “Storage Wars” paid $400 for a bunch of crap, including an old trunk … which contained a shocking $24,000 in cash … but for some reason, none of the bills had faces on them.

In case you’re unfamiliar — the A&E show features auctions in which people bid on the abandoned contents of large storage lockers … but they only get a few seconds to see what’s inside.

Laura Dotson — who runs the auction company for the show with her husband Dan — tells TMZ, the buyer paid the $400 for the locker … and soon after, discovered the MOUNTAIN of cash inside the trunk.

The eerie part — whoever owned the trunk beforehand drilled the faces out of every single bill. It’s unclear why, but we’re told the money was still considered legal tender … despite losing face.

U.S. Treasury Fun Fact — A bank will accept bills with the faces cut out … if the both serial numbers are still in tact and the bills pass a series of tests.