Obama’s Burger Lunch — GARGANTUAN Tip

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President Obama‘s personal credit rating seems to be doing just fine — because the Commander-In-Chief slapped down some plastic to cover the bill at a burger lunch yesterday … and tipped more than 35%. 

Obama hit up Ted’s Bulletin restaurant in D.C. yesterday where he surprised a group of campaign volunteers who had won an essay contest.

Sources connected to the restaurant tell TMZ … the President ordered a plain cheeseburger, fries, and side salad … and an ice cold glass of water to wash it down.

We’re told Obama asked for the bill personally — and picked up the tab for the entire group on his credit card. In total, with tip, Obama dropped over $200.

One person who was inside the restaurant tells us, “He couldn’t have been nicer.”

The “surprise” wasn’t as impromptu as it seemed … we’re told secret service swept through the restaurant with a K9 unit earlier that day — and the restaurant was closed to the public.