NBA Star Shoves Fan IN THE FACE During Street Game

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TMZ has obtained VIDEO showing NBA star Michael Beasley shoving a fan in the face during a heated altercation at a playground game in New York last night.

The footage shows the Minnesota Timberwolves star jawing back and forth with a fan at Dyckman Park in New York City … before finally losing his cool, shoving the fan in the face, and walking back towards the court.

Beasley went on to lead his team to victory over another park team led by NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

We’re told the fan had been heckling Beasley throughout the game — screaming taunts like, “You’re a f**king bum … you ain’t sh*t Beasley.”

Beasley approached the fan and said, “I’ve never been a bitch … I’ll show you that right now.”

According to reports, Beasley sought out the fan after the game — and shook his hand.



Nicki Minaj — Nipple Slip on “Good Morning America”

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Nicki Minaj
wasn’t the only special guest on “Good Morning America” this morning — her left nipple made an appearance as well!

During her live performance on the show, Nicki’s left breast popped out of her VERY low cut top … revealing her full nipple to the entire East Coast viewing audience.

GMA” hasn’t aired on the West Coast yet … but we’re guessing ABC will most likely edit out the racy shot.




Mr. Bean CRASHES Super-Expensive Exotic Car — Survives

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Mr. Bean
is a VERY lucky man … because the guy WRECKED the hell out of his MILLION DOLLAR McLaren F1 sports car last night … and was only hospitalized for a minor shoulder injury.

According to U.K. reports, the 56-year-old comedic actor — real name Rowan Atkinson — was driving in England around 7:30 PM last night … when he lost control of the car, spun three times, ran into a tree and hit a signpost.

Bean was taken to a nearby hospital where he is being treated for the shoulder injury. His car wasn’t so lucky — the entire back end was absolutely crushed.

The worst part — the McLaren F1 is so rare, there are only 100 of them in the world.

Rowan’s rep tells TMZ …  Rowan is “all fine and going home [from the hospital] soon.”




Carlton from ‘Fresh Prince’ BREAKS UP Barber Shop Brawl

Alfonso Ribeiro — aka Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” — laid down the law this week inside an L.A. barbershop … jumping into action MID-HAIRCUT to break up an expletive-laced brawlfest.

Sources tell TMZ, the fight broke out between two employees at “In the Cuts” in Hollywood — after a disagreement over which should be turned up louder … the TV or the radio.

It gets physical pretty quickly — but Alfonso doesn’t miss a beat … reaching into the frame with his badass gold-watched arm to pull the two guys apart, saying, “Let go, let go.”

Eventually, the tempers cooled off — but we’re told Al was so shaken by the ordeal … he didn’t even finish his haircut. The barbershop had no comment. Calls to Alfonso have not been returned.