“Deadliest Warrior” Doc — Saves a Life, Poses for a Pic

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Deadliest Warrior” star Dr. Armand Dorian recently saved the life of a 14-year old boy — who was such a big fan of the show … he was more interested in getting a photo with the doc than his injury.

Dr. Dorian is still a practicing doctor, serving as the Chief of Development and Director of the Emergency Department at a hospital in Los Angeles. We’re told the kid was rushed into his ER recently after the went into anaphylactic shock following a severe allergic reaction.

The kid was unconscious when Dr. Dorian began to work on him — but when he came to, he immediately recognized the doc … and the boy and his dad asked him for a photo!

Dr. Dorian tells TMZ, “I’m just happy that we were able to respond timely and save his life.”