Ex-Idol Bucky — ACCUSED Of $1,500 Cash Grab

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Former “American Idol” wannabe Bucky Covington has been accused of one of the most UN-AMERICAN crimes ever … stealing $1,500 from a guy during a 4th of July week concert … but Bucky says it just ain’t so!!!


Bucky — who placed 8th on “Idol” back in 2006 — was set to perform at the Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach, Florida on June 30 as part of a July 4 NASCAR race week celebration … when the promoter suffered chest pains and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

With the promoter out of the picture, Bucky allegedly saw an opportunity to raid the cash box — and instructed his brother and his brother’s wife to pull off a snatch and grab.

The promoter filed a police report, obtained by TMZ, claiming the Covington gang made off with roughly $1,500 bucks that night … which they refuse to give back.

TMZ spoke to Bucky … who adamantly denies the allegations … but adds, “I’m just glad I’m big enough to be on TMZ! Thanks!”

An investigation into the alleged incident is ongoing.