Dodgers Suspects Were the Aggressors, ‘ Very Drunk’

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The two suspects who have been arrested for allegedly brutally beating a San Francisco Giants fan were “very drunk” at the time of the attack … this according to law enforcement sources.


Our sources say Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood were not sitting near Bryan Stow during the game.  We’re told the men had been “drinking heavily” during the game, and once it was over they — along with their group — were harassing everyone they saw wearing San Francisco Giants clothing and gear.

Our law enforcement sources say Stow and his group were mouthing off before the attack, but Sanchez and Norwood were “the primary aggressors.”

There was not one particular comment that triggered the fight.  We’re told both sides were “talking s**t”” on the opposing teams.

The two men, we’re told have both made “some incriminating statements” while in custody, although they have not confessed.

We’re told there are no other suspects and the LAPD believes they now truly have the right guys. 

As for how cops caught the suspects, we’re told there were over 800 CLUES the LAPD sifted through, and they led to their capture. 

And one final thing … We’re told some of Stow’s injuries may not have been caused by fists, but rather by hitting the hard surface on the ground.