Dog Chapman to Sheriff: I Was Covering YOUR Ass!

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Dog Chapman is lashing back at claims he doused a fugitive in a dangerous amount of pepper spray — telling us, he followed standard safety procedure … and nabbed a DANGEROUS criminal in the process.


Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey blasted the bounty hunter in a statement earlier today — claiming Dog wantonly dumped the fugitive in his office, without properly decontaminating him first … putting his staffers and several bystanders in danger.

But sources close to Dog tell TMZ, not only did Dog follow standard decontamination procedure — hosing the guy down and changing his shirt before handing him over to cops — he performed a CRUCIAL civil service … and cops should be grateful.

We’re told it took three whole days to track down the fugitive in question — a dangerous ex-con — who then allegedly tried to make one last run for it by jacking someone’s car … at which point Dog’s team pepperballed him.

Sources close to Dog tell us, the bounty hunter was blindsided by the sheriff’s comments — because as far as he knew, the two parted on good terms.