Kimbo Slice: Weston Cage Is Too Unstable to Fight Me

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Kimbo Slice is laughing off Weston Cage‘s challenge to step into the octagon — but he’s still more than willing to take the son of Nic.

0719-kimbo-slice-weston-cage-2Weston told TMZ … his dream MMA battle would be against Kimbo … a former MMA star who switched to boxing.

Kimbo’s rep, Jared Ryan Shaw, has serious questions about Weston’s state of mind: “Mental stability would have had [Weston] think twice about his
wishes to fight a street certified, cage tested, and boxing ring ready Kimbo Slice.” 

Shaw also jabbed,  “Kimbo is Nic Cage famous … and Weston’s 15 minutes are up.”

071911_weston_cage_videoTough talk aside, the rep says Kimbo’s happy to fight Weston … but only in a boxing ring.

Your move, Weston.