Artie Lange: Howard Called Me at the Psych Ward

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Howard Stern didn’t turn his back on Artie Lange when the comic entered treatment last year — in fact, Lange claims, Howard even called him … while Lange was in a psych ward.


Lange dropped the Dan Patrick Show a line this morning, claiming, “Howard called me a bunch of times when i was going through the hardest parts of my ordeal … he called me when I was in the psych ward once.”

As we previously reported, Lange disappeared from the Stern show in January 2010 to deal with a private medical condition.

Lange claims he’d do anything to get back on the Stern show — telling DP, “I would vacuum the studio. I would do anything they wanted … I would do it in a heartbeat.”

We broke the story … Artie’s plotting his own return to radio — a sports show unaffiliated with Stern — but so far, no deal’s in place.