JLo Declares Independence from Hubby on 4th

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The Fourth of July is a day when families gather around to BBQ and watch fireworks — but that wasn’t the case this year for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Turns out JLo and the kids spent the holiday at the beach in Malibu — and Marc Anthony was nowhere in sight.

We’re told JLo showed up with some family and friends, parked herself on the beach and enjoyed a little vino … not looking upset at all.

JLo and Marc announced yesterday they were divorcing after seven years of marriage.  




Rachel Uchitel: Yeah, I Dated Elin’s New Boyfriend!

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Elin Nordegren may be in Sweden, but she just can’t seem to escape  Rachel Uchitel – because we found out … Rachel banged Elin’s new boyfriend!

We told you yesterday … Tiger Woods ex-wife is dating marketing exec Jamie Dingman, whose dad is a billionaire tycoon.  But before Elin, Jamie and Rachel were an item — and there was a little bit of an overlap with Jamie and Tiger, but Jamie bowed out to the golfer.

In fact, when Rachael got serious with Tiger, Jamie joked with her, “That ok.  I’ll date his wife, Elin.”

And get this … at the time the Tiger Woods scandal broke, Jamie was living with Rachel in a MIami home. 

And there’s more. Remember the name, Jen Madden? She’s the one who sold the Tiger Woods story in the first place, and she got the info because she stayed at the Miami home and overheard Rachel tell Jamie about her affair with Tiger.

Who knew Elin Nordegren had a little bit of Rachel in her.



Dogfight Over Lohan Necklace Surveillance Video

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The owners of the jewelry store where Lindsay Lohan walked out with that necklace are now at war with the guy who was out selling the surveillance video — and a lawsuit could be looming.


Here’s the lowdown. Geoff and Sofia Kaman, the owners of the Kamofie & Company jewelry store, hired a broker — Christopher Spencer — to sell the surveillance tape.

Spencer then cut a deal with the Associated Press, which agreed to sell the tape to various media outlets and give Spencer a cut of the profits that he would share with the Kamans. 

But we’re told the Kamans felt Spencer was withholding a big chunk of their share, so they sent and an email to the Associated Press to see if Spencer was up to no good.  In the email they asked, “We were wondering if there have been more payments …”

Spencer was indignant, and fired off a cease and desist letter to the Kamans, saying, “You do not have any legal right to contact the AP and suggest I’ve been ripping you off which is what you’ve done.”

Spencer says the Kamans are ingrates, claiming, “I am in disbelief that, after achieving so much in your benefit, you’d be reaching out to someone and suggest that my company or I are not paying you money that’s owed to you.”

Spencer threatens if the Kamans don’t back off, he’ll sue their behinds. The Kamans had no comment.



‘Big Bro’ Champ — NASTY Food Fight w/ Hard Rock

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Former “Big Brother” champion Mike “Boogie” Malin claims he’s getting the shaft in Vegas — because one of the biggest casinos in town just MUSCLED his restaurant right out of business.


Boogie is one of the owners of the famous Dolce restaurant group — which opened a pretty awesome steak place in the Hard Rock Hotel back in 2008 called Rare 120°.

According to a new lawsuit filed by Dolce in Nevada, Rare was a smash hit for years … until new ownership took over the Hard Rock and tried to push it off the property. 

The Dolce Group claims the Hard Rock was so ruthless, management sent a team to empty out all of the food in the kitchen on July 10 while the place was still in business …. “leaving only a few remaining items on the menu to offer guests.”

Rare officially closed its doors the next day.

Now, Boogie — who’s now starring on the VH1 show “Famous Food” — wants the Hard Rock to pay Dolce back for all the money they lost.

Calls to the Hard Rock have not been returned.