Daniel Baldwin: My Wife Threatened to Kill Me

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TMZ has obtained the chilling declaration written by Daniel Baldwin, explaining what drove him to file for divorce, including repeated threats to kill him with a knife … all in front of their 2 kids.


Daniel says in his declaration, Joanne once came into the bedroom and said she had just watched a documentary on women who kill their husbands, saying, “Now I know how to do it, I understand why they did it.  You have been warned.”  Daniel says their daughter heard the comment and asked him, “Is Mommy going to kill us?”

According to the declaration, Daniel says Joanne is “highly intoxicated in our home,” adding, “She screams over money and proceeds to wake both children up by screaming and throwing objects around the house.”

Baldwin claims he’s been repeatedly brutalized by Joanne, alleging she has punched him in the head, pulled a knife on him, slapped him and hit him in the face with a phone.

Daniel claims she drinks so much she blacks out.  The straw that broke the camel’s back occurred Sunday, when Daniel claims Joanne went into a “violent rage” after arguing with her mom.  He says she punched him in the head and face.  Police were called and deemed her unfit to care for the kids, telling Daniel to remove them from the house.

As we first reported, Daniel got a restraining order and won temporary custody of the 2 kids.  He has also filed for divorce.