Artie Lange — I’m Hoping for Howard Stern’s Support

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Artie Lange is FIRED UP about the possibility of returning to a full-time radio gig — and tells TMZ he’s very confident his old boss Howard Stern will have his back. 071411_artie_lange_v3_still

Lange was outside Dan Tana’s in Hollywood with his friend and potential new radio partner Nick DiPaolo last night — when we asked how Howard would feel about his on-air comeback.

“Howard’s the greatest guy in the world” … Artie said … adding, “He’s been supportive of
everything that’s happened and he’s been a good man to me … so
hopefully he’ll be supportive of this … but you never know.”

As TMZ first reported, the people behind Artie’s project are hoping to lock a deal that would nationally simulcast the new show on DirecTV and Fox Sports Radio.

So far, we’re told … no official deal has been reached.



Chad Muska — Gnarly Arrest for Hollywood Tagging

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Pro skating legend Chad Muska was cuffed and stuffed into an LAPD cruiser last night after allegedly vandalizing two buildings on Hollywood Boulevard.


Muska was first detained by security at the Roosevelt Hotel around 2AM. Law enforcement sources tell us Muska was seen spray painting his name on a nearby Coffee Bean.

The security guards called LAPD officers … who arrested and booked Muska for felony vandalism.

We got shots of Muska’s alleged handiwork at the coffee shop — “Muska”‘ — and also at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theater … “Muska kills.”


Muska’s being held on $20,000 bail.

Video of the whole arrest to come …



Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen: Reunited and It Feels …

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Brooke Mueller is telling friends she’s been “hanging out” with Charlie Sheen again, and there’s even a possibility of a reconciliation.

Brooke is saying, right after the last Goddess left Charlie’s world, Brooke began hanging with Charlie at his home, where he’s been a virtual shut-in recently. 

Brooke is saying, forget all the drama — she has a good time with C.S. and they have a lot in common, including twins.  But Brooke acknowledges if they take it to the next level there are perils, given the toxic relationship they terminated with divorce.

Brooke was vague about what she does when she’s with Charlie, but she made it clear — the door is open, if only partially.



Ryan O’Neal Sues Over Warhol Portrait of Farrah

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Ryan O’Neal claims an obsessed, demented, Farrah Fawcett fan is behind recent accusations he stole a $30 million Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah … so he’s suing the guy for defamation.


Farrah donated her vast collection of art to her alma mater, the University of Texas.  One of the pieces she donated was one of two famous Warhol portraits of the “Charlie’s Angels” star. 


O’Neal insists the other portrait is his — given to him by Warhol, who was a close personal friend.  He says it’s one of his most  “prized possessions and a precious memento of his life with Ms. Fawcett.”

According to the lawsuit, filed by Marty Singer, Craig Nevius — who has been dogging O’Neal for years — began telling various media outlets that he stole the portrait in question from Farrah.  Last month, “Good Morning America” and Star Magazine ran stories that O’Neal was being investigated for theft — something O’Neal calls “false, malicious and defamatory.”

The stories triggered a demand from the University of Texas that O’Neal turn the portrait over, stat.

O’Neal says Nevius has been wretched for years, selling medical information about Farrah to the tabloids as she battled cancer.

O’Neal says he will never sell the portrait, and when he dies he’ll will it to his son, Redmond O’Neal.

O’Neal says he’s suffered “humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress,” and he’s been damaged in excess of $1 million.