Dog Chapman — Botched Bar Raid Turns Bloody

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Dog the Bounty Hunter was at the center of violent bar brawl Thursday night in Colorado — and according to sources on the scene, Dog’s security guard sent a guy to the hospital … where he got 15 stitches.

TMZ spoke to the owner of La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado — and he tells us, Dog and his crew raided the place looking for the owner’s father … who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges.

According to the owner — named Luke — Dog barged in out of nowhere and confronted Luke’s mom about the target … and was extremely disrespectful.

Luke stepped in to calm things down — but several customers had already taken offense at Dog’s behavior and got in Dog’s face … at which point the bounty hunter’s hired muscle jumped into action.

We’re told one of the customers sprayed the security guard in the face with cleaning fluid — and the big man lashed back with haymaker to the customer’s face … leaving a gash that required 15 stitches.

We’re told the fight got so nuts — it resembled a “saloon brawl” from a Wild West movie … someone even threw a potted plant.

Cops showed up soon after — but no arrests were made. According to law enforcement, the situation is still under investigation.

So far, no official word from Dog’s people.