Octomom in Plane Fight with ‘3rd Rock’ Star

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Flying on a plane next to 12 screaming kids is enough to drive anyone insane — and that’s exactly what set Kristen Johnston off last night … and the 12 kids belonged to Octomom!

Nadya Suleman was flying back from New York City last night and her and the brood took up most of the business class section of the plane. The flight was delayed for more than two hours and Nadya tried to silence the kids — to no avail.

The crying babies annoyed the “3rd Rock from the Sun” star so much, she marched over to Nadya and told her keep it down.

Nadya’s rep tells TMZ Nadya fired back, “How would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?” To which Kristen allegedly responded, “Get more help!”

The rep says Nadya shouted back, “Why don’t you grow a baby and get a life!” 

Eventually Kristen returned to her seat, but according to Nadya’s rep … Kristen got off the plane and never returned. 

We got Nadya when she belatedly landed at LAX, and she had no idea Johnston was a celebrity, telling us, “I guess there’s some people that don’t like kids.” 

Attempts to reach Johnston’s reps were unsuccessful.



Zac Efron — Could He Have Prevented Buddy’s DUI?

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Zac Efron was drinking with good friend Ryan Rottman literally minutes before Rottman was arrested for DUI.  The question, should Zac have said anything to his pal to prevent him from taking the wheel?


Sources inside the Dillon’s Irish Pub in Hollywood tell TMZ … Zac, Ryan, Rumer Willis and a few other friends ordered a total of  7 Kamikaze shots, 8 or 9 mixed drinks and 3 – 4 beers.

Zac and Rottman both left the bar at around 9:30 and went their separate ways.  We shot video of Zac running from the bar to his car, though it appears Rumer drove him away. By 9:45, Rottman was in police custody.


Rottman apparently was hammered.  Cops spotted him after he drove up a curb near Dillion’s.  He blew a .19, more than twice the legal limit.

We asked Zac’s rep if the actor urged his friend to take a taxi or find some other way home that would not have put him behind the wheel.  We did not get a response.

So we ask …



Dog Chapman — Botched Bar Raid Turns Bloody

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Dog the Bounty Hunter was at the center of violent bar brawl Thursday night in Colorado — and according to sources on the scene, Dog’s security guard sent a guy to the hospital … where he got 15 stitches.

TMZ spoke to the owner of La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado — and he tells us, Dog and his crew raided the place looking for the owner’s father … who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges.

According to the owner — named Luke — Dog barged in out of nowhere and confronted Luke’s mom about the target … and was extremely disrespectful.

Luke stepped in to calm things down — but several customers had already taken offense at Dog’s behavior and got in Dog’s face … at which point the bounty hunter’s hired muscle jumped into action.

We’re told one of the customers sprayed the security guard in the face with cleaning fluid — and the big man lashed back with haymaker to the customer’s face … leaving a gash that required 15 stitches.

We’re told the fight got so nuts — it resembled a “saloon brawl” from a Wild West movie … someone even threw a potted plant.

Cops showed up soon after — but no arrests were made. According to law enforcement, the situation is still under investigation.

So far, no official word from Dog’s people.



Pot Prosecutor Wants Mercy for Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson‘s fortunes may have changed dramatically … the guy who’s prosecuting him for pot possession is not going along with the judge who wants to nail the singer … and Willie could walk.

The judge in Wilie’s Texas marijuana case rejected a plea deal struck between Willie and the D.A. in which Willie would have paid $500 and the case would have gone away.  The judge felt the deal reeked of celebrity justice so he told them to come up with a stronger punishment — with a maximum of one year in jail.

But sources connected with the case tell TMZ … there’s a “strong possibility” the prosecutor will not recommend a stronger punishment, but instead just sit on the case until it’s dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Call it defiant, but the prosecutor is riding a wave in Texas to treat marijuana possession for what it is … and not fill the overcrowded jails with recreational potheads.