‘Tiger’ Sues PGA Tour — I Was Unfairly Ejected!!!

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A grown ass man shows up to a PGA tournament in a bright orange “Tiger” suit in the hopes of cheering on his hero Tiger Woods … but according to a new lawsuit, something went terribly wrong.


The SUPERFAN — Jason Goodwin (pictured above) — claims he got “pre-permission” to wear his spirited costume to the TPC Boston tournament in 2010 … but once he arrived to the course, one of the golfers flipped out.

Goodwin, who says he had a valid ticket for the event, claims security escorted him off the course after the 1st hole … because Tiger’s playing partner, Angel Cabrera, complained the tiger suit was “too bright and bothersome.”

Goodwin filed a small claims lawsuit against the PGA in Boston, insisting his civil rights were “infringed upon” — and he wants $7150 to make things right.

Goodwin tells TMZ … he chose the amount because it’s the most he’s allowed to sue for in small claims court … adding, “I want to make the point that you can’t tell people what to wear.”

Calls to the PGA have not been returned.