‘Restaurant’ Winner — Back Up Plan After Culinary Fail

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Despite the fact his THREE restaurants closed within 2 months of opening, “America’s Next Great Restaurant” winner Jamawn Woods has a job offer on the table … from one of his biggest supporters.


Woods is still technically an employee at the Chrysler automobile assembly plant in Michigan — where he worked as a fork lift operator before trying out for the NBC reality show.

When Woods made the finals, Chrysler presented him with an award for his accomplishment — and granted him a one-year leave of absence to pursue his dream.

But now that all of Jamawn’s “Soul Daddy” restaurants have closed their doors — a rep for Chrysler says the company intends to hold up their side of the bargain if Woods wants to come back to work … adding, “He is still a part of our family.”

So far, no word from Jamawn.