Lindsay Lohan — Free To Roam Today

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It’s been thirty-five days since she began her grueling house arrest — and now, Lindsay Lohan is moments away from sweet, sweet freedom.


The tracking device placed on Lindsay’s ankle will be removed — probably this morning — and she will be free to roam the streets of Venice — and beyond — as she pleases.

Lindsay will then sign a house arrest completion form, which will then be forwarded to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

But Lindsay is not out of the woods.  She’s on probation for the jewelry heist and must complete her 480 hours of community service.  She must also enroll in a “shoplifters alternative class” — yes, we love that too — and undergo psychological counseling.

But Lindsay will no longer have to endure the calamari that just doesn’t travel well.  She’s free to eat at Gjelina again, where the calamari is always fresh and crisp.