‘Judge Joe Brown’ — BRING ON Tiger Mistress #4!!

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Another Tiger Woods mistress has found a way to extend her 15 minutes of fame … all because she got in a nasty legal fight that happened to catch the attention of one very famous TV judge. 

TMZ has learned Mistress #4 Jamie Jungers will appear on an upcoming episode of “Judge Joe Brown” to fight her landlord in TV court over allegations that Jungers flaked on $2,000 in back rent. 

The landlord had filed a lawsuit against Jungers in Vegas — but once both parties agreed to take their case to Judge J.B. … they filed papers to dismiss the case … and will live by whatever ruling the Judge dishes out. 

A spokesperson for the show tells us the episode featuring Jungers — — best known for winning the Mistress Beauty Pageant on “The Howard Stern Show” —  will air some time in the fall.

Set your DVR now.