Katt Williams 911 Call — ‘He Says He’s Famous’

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Katt Williams is “the second most important black guy on the face of the Earth” — at least that’s what the guy who called 911 on him says Katt told him … right before Katt was arrested earlier this month. 

As TMZ first reported, three women were arrested on June 11 for attacking a maintenance worker on a property Katt was renting. 

During the 911 call, the man claims he argued with Katt after the alleged altercation —  and says at one point Katt told him he was famous. The man told dispatch, “I’ve been beaten with sticks. They tried to tear my shirt off me when I was operating the tractor. It’s a big black family. The guy claims to be the second most important black guy on the face of the earth.”

Katt can be heard arguing with the man during the call and Katt was later arrested as well for felony intimidating a witness.

He also should have been busted for felony thinking you’re more famous than you are.