Mackenzie Phillips — Addiction Counselor

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Celebrity Rehab” alum Mackenzie Phillips is in the process of becoming a certified drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor … TMZ has learned. 


Sources connected to the actress tell us … Phillips — who famously struggled with substance abuse for years — is roughly half-way through a certification program and hopes to use her experience to help struggling addicts acknowledge and defeat their demons. 

We’re told Mackenzie’s progress will be captured for a new reality show called “No Relapse” produced by powerhouse reality company 44 Blue … and sources connected to the project tell us the show is already getting, “Strong interest from multiple networks.”



Katt Williams 911 Call — ‘He Says He’s Famous’

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Katt Williams is “the second most important black guy on the face of the Earth” — at least that’s what the guy who called 911 on him says Katt told him … right before Katt was arrested earlier this month. 

As TMZ first reported, three women were arrested on June 11 for attacking a maintenance worker on a property Katt was renting. 

During the 911 call, the man claims he argued with Katt after the alleged altercation —  and says at one point Katt told him he was famous. The man told dispatch, “I’ve been beaten with sticks. They tried to tear my shirt off me when I was operating the tractor. It’s a big black family. The guy claims to be the second most important black guy on the face of the earth.”

Katt can be heard arguing with the man during the call and Katt was later arrested as well for felony intimidating a witness.

He also should have been busted for felony thinking you’re more famous than you are.



‘Super Sweet Sixteen’ Star DODGES Assault Charges

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Teyana Taylor, an R&B singer who also appeared on “My Super Sweet Sixteen,” has dodged a huge bullet … TMZ has learned — because she won’t face assault charges for  allegedly beating the crap out of another woman back in April. 


As TMZ first reported, Teyana allegedly flipped out at an L.A. recording studio over a comment a woman made about Chris Brown — a close friend of Teyana’s.

We’re told Teyana punched the woman multiple times and then kicked her in the head and stomach once she fell to the ground.

But law enforcement sources tell us T.T. claimed self-defense — and there wasn’t enough evidence or witness testimony to prove otherwise … so she skates.

Case closed.