Brooke Mueller — Shady Moves In Hawaii

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A stressed out and seemingly desperate Brooke Mueller was seen walking around Maui this week … engaged in conversations with random people in cars … while clutching a wad of cash in her hand.

Brooke was in Hawaii with her two little kids — no word on where the children were during Brooke’s outing. 

Brooke had recently struck a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen — who seemed unhappy with the arrangement after Brooke entered rehab back in April for substance abuse issues.

TMZ contacted Brooke’s people who refused to comment on the situation.



Brandon Davis — Key Person in Spelling Mansion Sale

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One of the biggest real estate deals in the history of Los Angeles was hatched by none other than … BRANDON DAVIS!!!


Yes, TMZ has learned Greasy Bear — the ne’er-do-well grandson of the late oil mogul Marvin Davis — was instrumental in the sale of Candy Spelling‘s mansion, and we’ve learned Brandon will get hundreds of thousands of dollars for his efforts.

Here’s the way it went down.  Brandon was at a Hollywood nightclub on April 27, partying with Petra Ecclestone — the 22-year-old daughter of billionaire Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone — when she told him she wanted to buy a HUGE house in L.A.

Brandon sprung into action, hooking Petra up with realtor/Paris Hilton‘s father, Rick Hilton.  Sources tell TMZ, Rick made a deal with Brandon — to give him a $250,000 finder’s fee if Rick could sell a mansion to Petra.

So Rick then showed Petra Fleur de Lys — a huge mansion in Holmby Hills.  She offered $85 million.  But then the seller started making demands, saying she wanted to keep this statue and that statue.  Petra was fine with it, until the seller demanded an additional $700,000 to cover her moving costs.


Petra said sayonara to Fleur de Lys and Rick took her to Candy Spelling’s 57,000 square foot mansion in Holmby Hills … near the Playboy mansion.  Sources connected to the sale tell TMZ … the deal was sealed at $85 million — ALL CASH.  And get this — Rick not only represents Petra, he also represents Candy, so he scored one of the biggest commissions for a realtor ever.

But there’s still this little issue of paying Brandon the $250k.  We’ve learned escrow on Candy’s mansion will close in 2 weeks, but Brandon — who became really famous because of his “FIRECROTCH RANT” targeting Lindsay Lohan — can hardly wait.  You see, the night he talked to Petra about buying a huge mansion, he got in a fight outside the nightclub and was arrested and charged with cocaine possession.


The guy who got into the fight with Brandon is threatening to sue him, and Brandon needs the $250k to settle the dispute.

0428_brandon_firecrotch_mini_launchWe love happy endings.



‘Jersey Shore’ Cast — Squeezing MTV For More $$$

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The “Jersey Shore” cast has put the screws to MTV for a FIFTH TIME — negotiating new contracts for an upcoming season back in New Jersey … and we’re told, they locked down their biggest salaries yet.

Plans are already in motion for a fifth season back in Seaside Heights — but sources connected with the “Jersey” cast tell TMZ, Pauly D and the gang refused to take part without signing new contracts first.

We’re told MTV originally planned to shoot the new season under the terms of the Season 4 contracts — but lawyers for the cast refused … so MTV drew up new papers.

We’re told the majority of the cast has already re-signed for a bump in salary — not a HUGE raise, but still significant — and the rest will sign this week.

The cast is scheduled to fly back from Italy on the 23rd — and start shooting the new season in Jersey on the 26th. 495 Productions has not returned calls, and MTV had no comment.



Crystal Harris — Consoled by Dr. Phil’s Son

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Crystal Harris has been hunkered down with Jordan McGraw ever since she jilted Hugh Hefner — but the relationship is all about making music … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Crystal and Jordan tell us Dr. Phil’s son gave her a shoulder to cry on when she fled the Playboy Mansion — but most of their time has been spent in a Hollywood recording studio … where they are working on Crystal’s new album.

Jordan is a singer/songwriter who used to be on the same label as Crystal.

As for dating rumors …  we’re told they’ve been friends for about a year, and even though Crystal’s single now — both of them are ONLY interested in banging out music … for now.




WWE Legend Shawn Michaels — Animal-Killing Machine

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Ex-WWE legend Shawn Michaels is grabbing life by the horns — and slaughtering it with a  CROSSBOW … killing all sorts of majestic wildlife for a new hunting television show.

The show is called “Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures” — premiering next month on the Outdoor Channel — but according to the show’s rep, Shawn ain’t just hunting for sport … the guy actually EATS everything he kills.

We also spoke to Michaels himself, who tells us, “I am a Christian, I am an American, I am a family man, and I am a predator, and MacMillan River Adventures will allow my long-time fans and newfound friends to see what really makes Shawn Michaels the man that he is today.”

** Disclaimer: Animals were definitely harmed during the production of this show **



Lenny Dykstra — I Want to Go to Rehab!

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Lenny Dykstra is finally admitting he needs help … telling friends he wants to seek treatment for substance abuse once he gets out of jail … sources close to the former baseball star tell TMZ.


Dykstra is currently behind bars in L.A. after he was charged with 23 felonies earlier this month — including possession of cocaine and ecstasy.

Lenny’s team has been trying to convince the judge to lower Dykstra’s bail in the hopes he can get out of jail and begin treatment ASAP … but so far, the judge won’t budge.



Karissa Shannon DUMPS ‘Smallville’ Star BF

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Their chart-topper hasn’t even been released yet — but TMZ has learned Playmate Karissa Shannon and “Smallville” star Sam Jones have just called it quits.


According to sources connected with the ex-couple, Karissa pulled a cruel bait-and-switch before she dumped the actor.

First, she told Jones she needed to move back into the Playboy mansion for professional reasons … but after he helped her pack up her stuff … she dropped the hammer, confessing she was actually moving in with her twin sister … and their relationship was over.

Sigh. And we were JUST starting to get that damn song out of our heads.