Kim K to Bret Lockett — Here Comes the Lawsuit!

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Bret Lockett might finally get that face-to-face meeting with Kim Kardashian he always wanted — but it looks like it’s going to go down … in a courtroom!

Sources close to Kim K tell TMZ … her lawyers are drafting a defamation lawsuit against Lockett and will file it as early as Monday morning.

Kim has maintained all along she never met Bret — despite his claims they had a “physical relationship.” Harvey hammered Lockett on TMZ Live last week, asking him when and where he met Kim, but Lockett refused to say.  Nevertheless, he insisted he and Kim had hooked up this year, after she starting dating Kris Humphries.

But on Friday, Lockett finally fessed up on “Showbiz Tonight” … admitting he never actually met Kim.

0611_bret_lockett_video_small_2We’re told Kim’s lawyers fired off a letter to Lockett in the last few days, telling him to hang on to the so-called “evidence” he has on his “affair” with Kim — because he’ll need to produce it in court.

What a jerk.