Kim K’s BFF: I Didn’t Set Her Up with Lockett

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Kim Kardashian‘s good friend Lauren London says it’s just ain’t true she help Bret Lockett allegedly hook up with Kim … in other words, she thinks there’s an impostor among us spreading lies!


A story is circulating … London helped facilitate the alleged Lockett/Kardashian hook-up by scoring Bret’s number at Kim request. But an attorney for London fired off a letter to In Touch Friday, claiming London has had an impersonator for a while now, and if the mag spoke to anyone claiming to be her … they were barking up the wrong tree.

The letter goes on to state emphatically that London “has never spoken to anyone at IN TOUCH WEEKLY, does not know Mr. Lockett and did not introduce him to Ms. Kardashian.”

For Kim’s part, she’s threatened to sue Lockett and In Touch, claiming she’s never met or spoken with the dude. Lockett has refused to give any details that would support his claim.