Faizon Love Arrested for Domestic Violence

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Faizon Love — who voices Bruce the Bear in the upcoming travesty “Zookeeper” — was arrested early Friday morning for domestic violence … TMZ has learned.


According to jail records, Love was booked into custody at 9:07 AM PT Friday.

What’s interesting … even though jail records indicate he was arrested for fourth degree domestic assault — the lowest DV charge there is — bail has been denied and Love is still in custody.

Love is currently on probation for assault and that could by why he’s been denied bail.

Love’s attorney had no comment.



Top Secret MJ Videos Protected by Armed Guards!

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The last videos of Michael Jackson were so top secret, they were transported in an unmarked truck, accompanied by armed guards in the dead of the night … this according to new docs filed in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case.

You ask what Conrad Murray has to do with MJ videos?  Well, Dr. Murray wants to see ALL of the rehearsal videos shot for the doomed “This is It” tour.  Murray’s lawyers believe it could show Michael was in such a frail condition … there were many reasons for his death other than Propofol.

Murray’s lawyers subpoenaed the tapes, but now Sony Pictures — which has possession of the videos — is objecting for several reasons.  Sony claims there are more than 20 boxes of videos and it would cost $200,000 to log and reproduce all of them.

But in the docs, Sony describes how top secret the videos were to the studio.  Sony lawyers say, “When they were transported to the Sony lot in Culver City, the transport in an unmarked truck was accompanied by armed guards in the dead of the night.”

When the tapes were in an editing bay, security guards were posted outside the door and no Internet access was allowed in the room.

And a Sony honcho also submitted a declaration which says the videos “have a high monetary value inherent in their potential for future uses.  Those uses include one or more ‘anniversary editions.'”



Undersea Explorer — I’m Gonna Find Bin Laden’s Body!

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Even in death, Osama bin Laden is the most wanted man on the planet — at least to one undersea treasure hunter … who’s determined to find out once and for all if Osama is really dead.


Treasure-hunting explorer Bill Warren tells TMZ, the purpose of the excursion “is to try to find out if [Osama] is really dead and to provide
to the world the proof that he is … We do this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Obama failed to provide the proof.”

Bill adds, “I do not trust my government or Obama.”

The search will take place in the North Arabian Sea, where a U.S. Navy ship allegedly dumped Osama’s body back in May. Bill explains, “We intend to
locate/recover his body and
photograph and video tape him, then do a DNA test on the ship.

Bill tells us, he’s using several boats and top of the line technology to perform the search — and the entire operation will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Good news for conspiracy theorists — Bill plans to take a film crew along for the ride and document the whole the trip.



Ricki Lake Sued — You Burned Down My Beach House!

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What does Ricki Lake have in common with the Exxon Valdez? Each is responsible for a super-destructive, wildly expensive oil spill … allegedly.


Lake is being sued for allegedly making a HUGE mistake with some flammable heating oil … and causing the fire that burned down the Malibu beach house she was renting back in 2010.

According to the lawsuit filed by the owner of the home …  Lake was refilling a portable space heater when she spilled the oil on the hot heating coils — and the oil burst into flames. The fire quickly ripped through the entire property. 
In the lawsuit, filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court, the owner, Hovsep Kousouyan, claims Lake spoke with emergency personnel who responded to the fire — and she admitted the whole thing was her fault.

Kousouyan says his beach house was completely destroyed in the blaze — and wants Lake to pay for all of the damages … which could be in the millions.

Calls to Lake’s rep have not been returned.



Ex-Wrestling Champ TASERS Woman — On Tape!

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Former TNA Wrestling champion Jeff Hardy grabbed a REAL, WORKING TASER — and used it to shock the hell out of his brother’s girlfriend during a webcast this week … and the video is shocking.

The girl — who reluctantly agreed to be tased after some coaxing from the Hardy brothers — let out a bloodcurlding shriek when the electric shock zapped her body — instantly dropping her to the ground.

Moments later, she got up — and seemed to be OK.

The following day, Jeff’s brother Matt posted a video apology to their fans — noting that the stunt was “meant to be fun.”



Zsa Zsa’s Cop-Slapping Dress Hits Auction Block

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For Sale: 1989 floral dress … once belonged to Zsa Zsa Gabor … tight enough to accentuate womanly curves, loose enough to slap a cop in the face!!! 


Yes, Zsa Zsa’s most famous dress — the one she was wearing on that day she pimp-slapped a Beverly Hills police officer — is hitting the auction block … TMZ has learned.

The dress, along with tons of glamorous items from Gabor’s private wardrobe, will be featured in a Julian’s Auction event sometime in August or September.

We’re told Gabor’s people signed off on the sale in the hopes of raising money to pay for the ailing star’s mounting medical bills.

Along with the designer clothes — the auction will include French antiques — and a horse sculpture the beauty’s 4th husband Herbert Hunter originally purchased for $150,000 back in the 60’s.

No comment from Julian’s Auctions.



‘In Plain Sight’ Star — Too Drunk to Care For Child

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In Plain Sight” star Nichole Hiltz appeared way too intoxicated to care for her child on the night cops arrested the 32-year-old actress on suspicion of child neglect … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Nichole Hiltz 911 Call

Cops responded to the Nichole’s home after a woman whose speech was VERY slurred called 911 — and talked gibberish to the operator on May 31.

Once cops arrived, we’re told officers determined Hiltz appeared HAMMERED and was unable to care for the minor child who was in the home.

Hiltz was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor child neglect — and the child was taken into protective custody.

An attorney for the actress tells us the situation was a “misunderstanding” and the child wasn’t harmed.

We’re told cops are still investigating the incident.



Shifty Shellshock’s Wife Files for Divorce

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Shifty Shellshock’s estranged wife has filed for divorce, TMZ has learned — and she’s demanding full custody of their 7-year-old son … claiming the “Celebrity Rehab” alum is a crappy caretaker.

Melissa Binzer filed the divorce docs in L.A. County Superior Court recently — citing irreconcilable differences.

But here’s the interesting part — they share a 7-year-old son, who has type 1 diabetes. Melissa claims Shifty has no idea how to take care of a diabetic child, so she’s demanding full legal and physical custody.

On top of that, Melissa claims Shifty has struggled with drug and alcohol addictions for a long time, and she fears he “would not create a suitable environment” for their son.

Melissa and Shifty — real name Seth Binzer — got married in 2002, but have been separated for nearly six years.