Heat Fans — Dropping VOODOO Curse on the Mavs

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Miami Heat fans are seeking some old-fashioned voodoo vengeance on the Dallas Mavericks, TMZ has learned — buying up voodoo dolls by the HUNDREDS … to curse the Mavs during the NBA finals.

They’re selling out like hot cakes … but the owner of El Viejo Lazaro Botanica — which hocks all sorts of bizarre religious supplies, including voodoo stuff — tells TMZ, he has no idea which Mavs are being targeted by the hexes.

If they’re not buying voodoo dolls, we’re told Miami fans are turning to herbal remedies — buying what are called “Paraiso” herbs to use in a bath.

According to the owner, you put the herbs in a bath, get in, then visualize what you want to happen — in this case, a Miami Heat victory.

Lucky for the Heat, they probably won’t need the extra help.