Weiner’s Woman: Photo Scandal’s ‘Messing Up My Life’

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The 40-year-old blackjack dealer who carried on a sexual online relationship with Rep. Anthony Weiner tells TMZ, she regrets ever getting involved with him — because the scandal is ruining her life.

Lisa Weiss called in to TMZ Live today — claiming she hasn’t been able to leave her Las Vegas house in days … “I feel guilty being a part of it … It’s messing up my life … I’m humiliated.”

Weiss says she still has a lot of respect for Weiner, and doesn’t think the scandal should put his job in jeopardy — but did admit feeling sorry for Weiner’s wife.

What’s fuzzy about the whole thing … is why Weiss released all of her steamy, sexual exchanges with Weiner to a reporter.  She insists she didn’t release the info to hurt the Congressman, claiming she didn’t know it would be that big a deal.  Yeah, right.

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.