Bling Ring Suspect — I’m Gonna SUE Over New Movie

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Ironic … Burglar Bunch suspect Nick Prugo doesn’t like people borrowing from him — in fact, he tells TMZ he’s suing over the new “Bling Ring” movie … claiming Lifetime STOLE his likeness for profit.

Nick tells us, “I had no prior knowledge of this and am not affiliated in any way. I want to sue if possible. I’m in touch with my attorneys right now.”

He adds, “I just read the sides for my supposed part. I had to laugh. It’s total fiction. They are filming somewhere this weekend for a club scene in Los Angeles. Maybe I’ll drop by and surprise them.”

But not everyone’s pissed — fellow BB suspect Tess Taylor tells us, she’s best suited to act in the made-for-TV movie … because she knows the truth … “Where is the casting? I want to audition for a role.”

So far, the “Bling Ring” movie doesn’t have an official release date — but you can expect to catch it later this summer.