CD-R King Contact Info Updated as information is submittied!

Here is the most recent real contact info we can find for CD-R King (of fraud):

cd-r king
   2F Sampaloc Lane
   Virramall Shopping Center
   San Juan, Greenhills
   Domain Name: CDRKING.COM
   Administrative Contact:
      Santos, Nick   (
      CD-R KING
      5F SM MANILA
      Manila, Manila
   Technical Contact:
      Network Solutions, LLC.
      13861 Sunrise Valley Drive
      Herndon, VA 20171
      1-888-642-9675 fax: 571-434-4620
   Record expires on 26-Jul-2011.
   Record created on 26-Jul-2003.
   Domain servers in listed order:

UPDATE:  Here is the only FAX number we can find:  Fax to: 309-2056


Adam Lambert Gender??? The people at get it so wrong!

Gripe for the day:
A recent article at is just stupid, did their writers even study the language, culture, or anything else they are writing about???
Number 1 in regards to this section of the article:
Since the very talented Adam joined “American Idol,” his gender has been an issue among the fans of the popular talent search show. Even if Adam had not been vocal about his questionable sexuality, he has captured millions of fans worldwide.
His gender has never been an issue, he is male, everyone knows he is a male, so his gender is male.  His sexuality is homosexual, plain and simple.  As for conservative adults in the Philippines, ha, tell that to many of my friends whose young boys are already dressing as girls, and are referred to as bakla, bading, or one of the many other words for gay males here (and BTW gay is not a gender it is a sexual orientation).
Numero dalawa: Please, if you are going to write an article, do not write it as though you truly know the culture. If you are Pinoy, then you must be abnoy, because a large percentage of people here would surely disagree with you.  And if you are Uber religious, that is okay, but again, not everyone is going to agree with you so please, if you are going to write an “OPINION PIECE”, refer to it as such.  Like this article is “MY OPINION”!!! <==referring to this article at The Ricky Show, 🙂 .
Number Tatlo (3), in regards to:
In a country like the Philippines where there are many conservative adults, there are parents who do not favor their teenage children to watch Adam Lambert live onstage. That’s why there are certain groups who will reportedly push for his concert not to push through or be “For Adults Only.”
There are many conservative people in most countries, they are called Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Republican, or some other conservative name, but let us correct your English from the excerpt above. Quit using Google translate, because it sux!
In the Philippines, there are many conservative adults, and there are parents who do not want their kids to watch someone like Adam Lambert on stage.  That is why there will be groups that will try to stop his concert (which happens to artist all the time, BTW).
Good luck trying to stop a multi-platinum artist, only an act of God,  not some small group of “conservative” individuals, could actually do that.

And by the way, “for adults only”, when Lady Gaga comes, will people feel the same???  I love her, but there are many “Conservative Adults” who disagree!
And PS. Richard is not getting “buffed” for his Captain Barbell role, he is getting BUFF, lang, no -ed needed.