Is a scam? Key for Cash is an online company that offers data entry work and pays a measly amount of money. I did some work for them and was trying to get up to the minimum $50 payout when I got fed up of logging on and there never being any work available. I finally cancelled my account and asked them to payout my earnings to which they responded by email that my check would be cut after the Friday cut off date. So I waited and guess what, no check the next week.
I emailed them again to inquire as to where my check was for the work I had performed and have not gotten a response back at all. It is has been right at 2 months now and I have tried to email them numerous times with no response. They do not list a number on their page either.
The bad thing is that I have read good responses about this company and so I felt as though it was not a scam. I always research deeply before doing any work online and nothing pointed to this being a scam or a fraud. I guess that maybe for some they had been paid, or maybe they haven’t hit the $50 minimum payout yet and still believe they are going to get paid. (Good luck guys!)
Here an excerpt from their site saying what it is all about:

“Here at KeyForCash, we pay you for your typing skills and your spare time. Our easy-to-use data entry system lets you earn money from the convenience and …”

So, in my opinion, this place is like every other work online scam and is nothing but a big fraud! If they ever do decide to pay me I will let you all know, but I doubt they ever will. I acutally believe that the positive posts I have seen about them before have been written by the people that own the company.


Should a call be put forth to Impeach Obama for Lies?

Many politicians lie, but not so blatantly that it is so widely talked about by the American People.  Do you think Obama should be impeached for his lies?  If you want real change, get off the Republican/Democrat Teeter-Totter and vote for a new party, there are plenty of choices for the American people.  Vote for green, or progressive, or independent, or anyone who takes your fancy besides the Dems and Repubs!  Get together and elect a minor party to run your city, state, and federal governments if you want to see real changes! 

See Obama caught in lies below:

The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations:


Double talking lies, Obama. Which one is it?


More Lies?

And one more for good measure:


The Best Online Casinos Series – Part 1

So who likes to gamble?  I do, I do, but I don’t have time to get out of the house often, so what is one to do?  Well you could try some of the best online casinos right from the comfort of you home!  I am not talking about kiddie games where you win tokens, you can bet and win real money.  Check out some of my favorite online casino games !  If you want more casino games and are ready to win real money, check out the sites linked in this post!