Press Release – SRO Cinemaserye Presents – Hot Mama

Eugene Domingo and Wendell Ramos Spice up your Thursday nights with Hot Mama!


GMA Network spices up your Thursday nights with an outrageously funny and irresistibly hot episode of SRO Cinemaserye.  Roll off your seats with non-stop laughter as the humor gets naughty and playful in “Hot Mama”.

Beginning March 11, this four-part episode is top billed by seasoned comedienne Eugene Domingo together with her gorgeous leading man Wendell Ramos. Under the helm of award-winning director Joel Lamangan, rounding up the cast are Maureene Larrazabal, Victor Aliwalas, Ces Quesada, Joseph Smisek, and Janna Dominguez.

Eugene plays the role of Dr. Lola Cardenas, an alluring psychiatrist/sex therapist populary known as Hot Mama.  She hosts a late night radio program where she gives sex and relationship advice to callers who ask questions about love and intimacy.

Lola displays a very liberal and open-minded personality as Hot Mama but unknown to many, she’s an old maid who leads a simple and carefree life.  Despite being an expert sex therapist, Lola doesn’t have a sparking sex life and worse, she hasn’t found her Mr. Right yet.

Hot Mama is single, lonely and desperate for love. She soon finds herself obsessed with Bruce, her executive producer/friend. But… he is already in love with her cousin/manager Mari.

Devastated for being loveless, Hot Mama focuses her attention on her career and gets herself busy in using the social networking site Facebook.  Here, she meets Randy, on of her avid fans from Cebu.

Lola is intrigued with Randy and after a while, a special friendship develops between them.

Randy is extremely excited to finally se her in person.  But Hot Mama doesn’t want him to meet the real Lola.  She is not confident that people would accept her as plain Lola.

What will Hot Mama do if Randy shows up to meet her?  Will Randy accept the real identity of Hot Mama?  Will the two lovers become the perfect sweethearts?



Hot Mama’s amusing storyline and talented cast is set to tickle the hearts of viewers every Thursday night beginning March 11 right after Queen Seon Deok on GMA Telebabad.