Google Buzz Draws Class-Action Suit From Harvard Student

And here is my opinion!
 I hope you share yours as well!

You know, that part of the problem with America nowadays! Google is an innovative and good company and they are only trying to provide new and revised technology for people. Now someone is suing them! Good old sue happy America, it has gotten to the point of absurdity!!! You can’t even smile at someone today without someone else trying to sue you for some pointless, and harmless thing. Ridiculous, go Google, I hope you make a fool out of the Lawyer that is bringing up a case that is nothing less than frivolous. America is slowly becoming (and already is in a lot of places) a joke because of people like this!

Eva Hibnick, a 24-year-old Harvard Law School student claims she was auto opted in to the service, but obviously her high-cost education isn’t working out so well, because we all know that there was a chance to opt out of the service when it was first released.

It is comical that she is so worried about her privacy, yet she gets her name plastered all over national and international news, way to stay out of the lime-light tanga!

I think it is a great service, and I am glad that Google brings us cool stuff at no cost.

It is a possibility that part of America’s economic problems stem from sue happy people, don’t you think?

Think they will try to sue me for my opinion, lol.  I am not even sure if we are allowed to give that these days!?!